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Drain Line

Postby CUB.PILOT » Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:38 pm

I have been flying this Caravan for years. Recently i noticed that the most inboard drain (an overflow drain for a little can mounted on the firewall, not the EPA can) was leaving a spot on the floor after days of non flying.
So draining the port of that canister showed it to be full of fuel.
Normaly on the daily preflight i would drain that canister and get a few drops of oil and sometimes a bit of fuel. this time there was close to an ounce of fuel.
This canister is the receiver of a drain line that upstream has a Y fitting. One side of the Y comes from what seems to be the bearing mount for the shaft that drives de pulley for the Stby alternator and the other side of the Y comes from a port on a casting just forward of ths FCU (Where the FCU is monted to the engine).
Measuring the seeping we conclude that it is very small (around a fifith of an ounce per day) but never saw it before.
Has anybody had an experience with seeping or leaking of this port? Suggestions or comments?
Thank you
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Re: Drain Line

Postby werbil » Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:57 am

It sounds like the
To control expended lubricating oil from the engine fuel pump drive coupling area and provide a way to determine if fuel is leaking past the fuel pump seal, airplanes are equipped with a drainable reservoir to collect this allowable discharge of oil and any fuel seepage. The reservoir is mounted on the front left side of the firewall. It should be drained once a day or at an interval not to exceed six engine shutdowns. A drain valve on the bottom side of the cowling enables the pilot to drain the contents of the reservoir into a suitable container. A quantity of up to 3 cc of oil and 20 cc of fuel discharge per hour of engine operation is allowable. If the quantity of oil or fuel drained from the reservoir is greater than specified, the source of leakage should be identified and corrected prior to further flight.
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