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Rapid rise of ITT while engine was running

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Rapid rise of ITT while engine was running

Postby monty5928 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:05 pm

Being a 208B pilot in Bangladesh I faced a situation yesterday that made me and the technicians confused. Our prop came from Singapore following a scheduled overhaul. After installing the prop ( after 2 months) we carried out few ground runs and found the Fuel condition lever and the power lever a bit sluggish and spongy . When the technicians made some adjustment in the linkages, we found Ng 55% at low idle and 70% at high. Then the bad thing happened. After 4-5 mins of ground run, when I brought back the condition lever to low idle the engine seemed to be shutting down, ITT was rapidly rising (it went upto 990) and Ng was falling. I immediately shut down the engine. I found a huge amount of fuel in the drain can after shut down.

What might be the reason? Is it the FCU? We fixed a refurbished FCU in 2014 from Australia. 
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Re: Rapid rise of ITT while engine was running

Postby eveglio » Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:33 pm

I think you have a bigger problem now. By your description of the event you experienced an overtemperature in the combustion section. According to PW MM Chp 72 you might have to send your engine to an overhaul facility for a light overhaul. That will be dependent on how long it took the ITT to come down from 990. And you might definitely want to have that FCU looked over by an OH facility as well.

I hope am wrong, but your day may about to become very expensive.

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