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Elevator neutral position.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:10 pm
by wildadv
Hi to all in the Caravan community. I'm an engineer who normlly works on heavy metal but only recently came back to small aircraft again. As such, I've just started working on Caravans (have held the PT6 license on other aircraft for many years but haven't touched them since "whenever").

I was recently involved in the rigging of the elevator system on an Grand Caravan that was in for an annual check. I found one of the cable tensions really high, and the other near normal. Once adjusted, I then went and did the travel checks an found both stops needed adjustment, the down stop was out by over 1/8". Started looking really strange. The question came up, how do you determine the elevator neutral position, especially when the worksheets say don't use the horn as a reference. The tail cone was off. Trying to streamline the elevators by eyeballing a neutral position was difficult. We couldn't find any references for jig boards which would have made life so much easier. So what do you guys use for that elusive neutral position?

Thanks for your inights.