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Engine Failure Procedure
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Author:  pgt066 [ Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Engine Failure Procedure

Has anyone at your company actually experimented with this to come to the conclusion of not feathering the prop at say 100-200 feet above the runway?

I have played with the scenario, and I would feather the prop all the time, and here is why. We all know how the Caravan will drop like an absolute rock when you do a short field landing, and IAW the POH you bring the power lever to idle as quick as possible. If you are using the correct approach speed you need to have the wheels in just the right spot as far as height from the ground, or you are going to pancake in. Now imagine being 50-100 feet AGL during an engine failure and having power go to ZERO, with a non feathered prop.

You will have no time to get the nose down, save your airspeed, and have any sort of cushion left to flare. Especially if you just took off heavy. I have also practiced many "dead stick" landings with the power at idle, prop not in feather, and with full flaps. In order to land smoothly at your intended landing spot, you need to come in steep, and HOT (Fast) to have any sort of control when you are flaring. This is with 2 pilots, and about 1000lbs of fuel. If I had anymore weight, I would want to come in even hotter with a non-feathered prop.

I would rather land safely, and roll off the runway, then nose diving it in with a non-feathered prop.

Author:  Van Damme [ Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Engine Failure Procedure

Rather land long and soft then short and hard.
I also only tested this with two pilots and low weight. If close to max TOW it would be best to feather the prop for sure.

I agree with you on this pgt066!
Thanks for your input.

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