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Turbine wash
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Author:  Lazy Eagle [ Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Turbine wash

The turbine wash appears very simple; remove the ignitor, insert the water tube, begin motoring, and turn on the water. After washing, dry motor twice with no water, close it up, and run the engine.

Couple of questions:

...Will it be effective to use a garden sprayer (with distilled water) by sticking the nozzle into the hole and spray? Not sure how well forward toward the gear box we can shoot the spray as the nozzle will not go inside the hole.

...The manual says to bring up to 5% Ng before adding water, is this necessary? With only a garden sprayer there will not be as much water volume and pressure therefore we are thinking to spray a quart of water and turning the prop by hand. Let it soak a couple of minutes and then motor the engine and spraying again into the hole.

...Also, any pointers on completion you can give before we start and run the engine.

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